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Saturday, June 6, 2015

when the husband works

my husband is currently working shifts. 24 hours on, a few days off. and repeat.
it's a pretty nice set-up. it took some getting used to, but now i usually appreciate the flexibility of his schedule, though i don't necessarily use it to my benefit frequently (unless you consider taking only 1 child to the commissary as a benefit, then, i frequently benefit).

on days that he is on shift, things seem to be a little less "official." meaning, cooking is completely optional. as is clothing (unless we are planning to go somewhere). 

this is what our dinner table looks like tonight.

charis probably has the healthiest mix of granola, fresh fruit, lunch meat. eli is having lunchmeat, yogurt, and hotdogs. jax is having hot dogs and cheese nips. i had two hot dogs, some carrots with honey mustard dip, and i snuck downstairs and had a few bites of leftover fruit trifle. oh, and samson is having whatever the kids drop on the floor, or what charis may hand feed him.

here's another sight from lunch.

charis managed to spread strawberries all over her face, her hair, and her shirt.

and then i find myself with such a treat. the boys picked some flowers while we were outside. they may have been from the neighbor's bushes. (when i mentioned to jax that we shouldn't take flowers from their bushes, he was rightfully correct with his reply of, "well, they were leaning over into our driveway.") 

jax took the time to meticulously arrange them while eli would go and pick more flowers of whatever color jax needed more of. 

mothering may not always be pretty or ever glamorous. but it is always rewarding. 

 Behold, bchildren are a heritage from the Lord,
cthe fruit of the womb a reward.
psalm 127:3 

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