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Saturday, June 6, 2015


hi. i'm jaime.

and this is my spot in the inter webs.
i'm not quite sure what it all be. 
which makes sense. i'm not going to commit to blogging with a focus on one thing in my life, because my life is always evolving. 
from a southern girl to a nomad with no firm roots.
from a wild and crazy young adult to a more responsible and intentional adult.
working in corporate america to staying at home and raising three children.
from a sinner without hope for the future or my eternity, to a sinner that has been saved by grace.
i'm always growing and changing and learning. trying to discover who God has planned for me to be. and i've learned that i can't pinpoint that. maybe you can for yourself. but for me, i've learned that God is going to use me and stretch in ways that i couldn't' imagine. that my life will always be changing. that i will always go where He needs and i will always be what He needs me to be for that time. 
one constant that i am is His. 
His daughter. 
i am fearfully and wonderfully made in His reflection. 
and i will do all i can to honor that and to bring glory to my Father.

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