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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Every day life

life as a stay at home momma isn't always exciting. i would says that most days aren't exciting. i'm learning to find the beauty in the mundane. and to really appreciate that I get to be present for so much. 
charis gets some crazy hair when she plays on the trampoline. and you know what? i used to be one of those "why do they need a net on the trampoline?" folks. now, I see the need! it turns the trampoline into a huge playpen! it's so great to zip her and the boys, or her dad, inside and workout.

thankful that we kept these IKEA bins, even if they have seen better days. If we hadn't, i wouldn't have walked in to see this!
we ordered pizza in the other night. it was charis' first time to eat it and she LOVED it. I probably shouldn't be happy about that. it definitely required a bath after, and also soaking her dress in oxiclean.
just reading some magic school bus before putting the boys to bed. 
jax had some time playing in an old phone. i was cleaning up our photo stream and saw these pictures he snapped. there were so many more!!! what a goof! 

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