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Monday, August 17, 2015


While it seems that we've been really busy, it also seems like we haven't been doing much. Or maybe it's just that we haven't been taking pictures as much.
We went with some friends to an amusement park in Belgium. Thankfully I checked out the website before hand and saw they had a splash pad and I remembered swim suits for the boys (and a swim diaper). They loved it.

Jax was big enough to ride all of the rides, though he is a bit hesitant about a lot of them. He and I were able to ride this thing together - it's sort of like a tilt-a-whirl. He was laughing the entire time!

Lately, we have been taking a lot of walks together. Charis rides in the stroller, Jax zips around in his scooter, and Eli glides around on his bike. We usually make it 2-2.5 miles; we have a little route that we typically travel with the kids that isn't too billy for them. Here are some snapshots of sights and family.

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